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You have so much value and purpose in this world! And the AMAZING thing about you is that each day you wake up, your presence alone blesses people around you. But you already knew that right!? If not, that’s OK because you know that now! Woot! Woot!

You have a light about you that seeks to shine and glow but at this time of year, you find yourself doing the same thing many moms across the world are doing. What’s that, you ask? It’s the time of creating vision boards, writing down resolutions, eating your final cupcake and thinking of all the AWESOME things you are going to start working on when the New Year starts. And if you take the moment to look at your goals and resolutions, you will find that most of the things that you set to accomplish are the exact same things you set last year and the year before.

I know this to be true because I have done this SEVERAL times before something clicked. I realized that no matter what goals I set to reach, if I was not clear on my purpose then I would yet again talk myself out of doing what I desired. I would delay reaching goals and feel guilty if I tried to reach for them while trying to raise my children at the same time. I decided to no longer make excuses and operate in my purpose. And that required clarity, strategy and the belief that I was worthy of doing things I was passionate about. It doesn’t matter if you are a full-time working mother, mompreneur, or stay at home mom. We all have something that we are passionate about. And if you haven’t identified exactly what that is, it is our duty to find that out by applying key strategies. My purpose is to guide and release you into a year full of purpose and fulfillment without fear, guilt and doubt.

I have created a detailed self-guided series of worksheets, empowerment readings, transparent journal writings that lay out how I discovered my purpose and what strategies work to help you do EXACTLY the same! I 100% guarantee that my Mom on Purpose Guide and Journal will help you gain clarity, define your purpose and make the bold choice of affirming that you CAN, WILL and DESERVE a year of fulfillment and joy! It’s time my friend to be a mom on purpose!

My Mom on Purpose Guide and Journal is priced at $27 so that several mothers in the world (especially you) will no longer enter a year where they will no longer question their amazing capabilities and will operate on purpose for a purpose.
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